Why I Switched to Bose 700 from Beats Solo 3 Wireless

Both Bose 700 and Beats Solo 3 Wireless are headphones, and top headphones.

One of the exclusive features of Beats is that it has Apple’s chip which allows it to connect to Apple devices seamlessly. None of the other headphones can beat this.

But there is another things that makes Beats a bad headphone. It’s head pressure is way too much. “Tt felt like I was removing an expensive clamp, rather than a pair of headphones”, saying by a reviewer. It is very true from my personal experiences. Even if Beats just released the newest Beats Solo Pro, the pressure remains the same.

This is the only yet enough reason to leave Beats because you do not want to suffer from pressures.

I found that Bose 700 is a very good alternative. It has Bluetooth 5.0 (enough) and has the top level noise cancellation technology and it does not have pressure at all. That’s what makes a good headphones.